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Brad Levin created Baskets for Bama to honor his grandmother Iris “Bama” Levine. Bama was treated at Duke University, a world-renowned facility for their efforts in fighting brain cancer. Bama and the rest of the family experienced an extremely rough two years after she was diagnosed with an inoperable Brain Tumor. During this tough time, Brad realized no family should have to go through what his family was experiencing. He decided to take a stand against Brain Cancer and do everything in his power to help find a cure for the disease.   Baskets for Bama raised $22,000 for Brain Cancer in its first year. The Levin family decided the event would be a yearly occurrence.  To date the fundraiser has raised $198,497  with 100% going to Robert Preston Tisch Center for the cause!

From Courier News:
Warren teen brings brain cancer awareness to seniors
Brad Levin of Warren tells tale of grandmother’s illness and its teachings


To Contact us email basketsforbama@gmail.com